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At 1:33 am, Friday June 29th 2007, tiny Elliot emerged cold, wet, purple, and sputtering into the arms of his mom and dad.

40 weeks and two days of preparation were reduced to humbled speechlessness and silent awe, as we looked at our itty bitty writhing son for the first time.

I can't describe the feeling of being in the presence of nature's greatest act. I think only those lucky enough to have been there can really understand what it is. I say that because I didn't have a clue.

It was everything and more that our friends and family promised with knowing winks, and wizened nods.

Nicole put her chin down, controlled her breathing, her pushing, and her entire body to bravely perform something truly amazing. She was absolutely wonderful.

This experience has brought us to a completely new place. We're so incredibly happy and glad we decided to be parents.

I'm shaking my head at how cheesy this sounds as I type this, but children really are the greatest gift in the world.

We want to thank our birth coach Peggy Price, our doctor Thais Aliabadi, the staff at Cedars-Sinai maternity center, and of course all our family & friends for their love and support.


-Rob and Nicole
















Peggy Price, Nicole's birth coach arrives and begins to guide Nicole through the advanced stages of labor.



Nicole's contractions strengthen, and she breathes "low and slow".



Nicole goes into transition, and pushes hard for about 12 minutes. Her birth coach Peggy and Dr. Thais Aliabadi guide her through each contraction.



Seconds after birth, Elliot Ross Adams squirms his way onto Nicole's body.



Peggy takes a moment with Nicole to admire the new baby.


Rob summons all of his nerve to cut the umbilical cord, while Chris summons all of her steadiness with the camcorder.



Elliot gets weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 oz.



Rob tries to pass on some fatherly wisdom, and Elliot responds with a long, loud wet fart, all the while staring straight ahead.




The next morning, the proud mommy flexes her guns and chews her waffle.




For crying out loud can he be any cuter? Let's hope not 'cause any cuter and he'd crack the lens.





The lil' guy and his tired momma.



Here's Elliot being circumcised. His face kind of says it all.



Another shot of his cute feet. He's got Rob's crooked pinky toes on each side...


Rob ponders his last few minutes of the life he once knew.



Chris (Nicole's mom), helps out with back-rubs and comforting words.



Peggy holds her hand and talks her through the breathing.



Dr. Thais Aliabadi works to move our baby into the outside world.



Nicole holds her new son for the first time.



Dr. Aliabadi comes in for a closer look at Elliot and his mom.



"Oh, for the love of GOD someone turn down the LIGHTS already!"



Clearly enjoying his nude-ness in the presence of approximately 7 lovely women, Elliot thinks to himself, "It ain't so bad out here..."



Rob and Nicole look at the little guy they made.



Dr. Jay Gordon, our amazing pediatrician looks over Elliot and gives him the thumbs up.






Chris holds Elliot as he sleeps (he can poop in his sleep also).



Ground control to Major Tom...

Commencing countdown, engines on...

Elliot's ears undergo cosmonaught-style testing.



Tiny baby feet... Any questions?



We finally get him home, and dress him in some proper attire. But he's too tired to enjoy it and falls asleep (just as he poops again).